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Tooling & Consumables

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Blue Ram 1.5 Ep Grease


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Kluber GL 261 Grease

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Kuper F 105661/1kg

Kuper F  =105661 1 KG release agent.

Kuper K3 1000M Spool

Kuper K3 veneer glue thread in 1000m spool. Diameter 0.036mm, melting temp 135 degrees.

Kuper Type 1220

Kuper Type 1220 glue thread for veneer sewing machines.

Approx meter/spool: 9300m
Weight/spool 1.35kg
Approx diamete: 0.39
Approx melting temp: 168C

Nigrin Metall-Polturpaste

Nigrin Performance metal polishing paste 75ML.

Removes scratches, rust and discolouration from bare, unpainted metal surfaces:

cleans and polishes intensively and gently
works up corroded and blinded metals
protects against renewed tarnishing and rust

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